Round 6 2009 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Anglesey National-14th June 2009

Surprising what having 8 cylinders can do!

Organised by Chester Motor Club

by Steve Wilkinson

Sunday and the mist burnt off in double quick time but there was still a cooling breeze close to the coast. Practice again dealt some severe blows none more devastating than to Simon Bainbridge. The Audi had blasted off the line but suddenly went onto 4 cylinders as one entire bank ceased to function. Try as he might Simon couldn’t coax the four ‘missing’ cylinders back into life and had to retire. Terry and Graham were also sidelined when the clutch blew and if it wasn’t for all the bad luck they would have no luck at all!

Once again the Road Going classes led off and again it was Glyn Thomas who took the 1400 class. Fred Currell led initially in the two litre class only for David Marshall to slip past on the second run however a do or die effort from Fred saw him snatch the win from Marshall. Andrew Meek got a bit closer to Rob Wakelin but the golden Impreza still took the class. In the Elise class David Ormerod Junior took the win from his father and John Phoenix. In the Up to 1700 Kit Car class Jim Spencer got the upper hand in the Spencer battle relegating younger brother David to second after the latter had a brush with the tyre wall at Rocket.

In Mod Prods Martin Depper again effortlessly cruised home to win the 1400 class whilst Aaron Perrott in second did get a tad closer. John Moxham again ran out an easy winner in the two litre class whilst Mark Maltby had to beat Nigel Watkins in the Porsche 964 for the over two litre honours. Andy Dunbar was even more at home on the slicks taking a more than comfortable win in the Up to 2 litres Kit Car class. Peter Kukanis was victorious in the Over 2 litres due in no small part to Martin Rose suffering a turbo failure. In the only Sports Libre class Simon Clemow was more at home on the shorter circuit and just pipped Angus Buchan for the win.

In the 1100 Racing Car class Paul Masters again won but he wrecked his 2009 slicks into the bargain. Jonathan Toulmin took second whilst in third it was John Williams’ turn to ‘have-a-go’ in Darren Underwood’s OMS. The Formula Ford class again went to Anglesey regular Derek Martlew however Darren Gumbley was a tad closer on the twistier course. In the 1600 class Glyn Sketchley was again dominant taking just one timed run to claim victory. Jonathen Varley was joined in the March by 19 year old Harriet Needham, daughter of Peter Needham who we all remember from his swashbuckling days in the Westfield V8. JV took second whilst Harriet reduced her times by huge amounts as she acclimatised herself to a single seater after just 3 previous events in a Mallock. The Two Litre class again had the Welsh wizard Mark Smith leading from the word GO. Steve Broughton took second having radically altered the rear wing to give less drag whilst Steve Miles was third. Tony Ellis was now getting into the groove and moved up to fourth ahead of Martin Webb and Tony Jarvis. The Sheffield Mafia had various problems as Brian Woffenden struggled for gears on his first run and Peter Howgate coasted round the final hairpin on his second run with a dead engine. With just 5 runners in the over two litre class and tyres being degraded on each run there was little activity in the class. Nick Algar took the win from Ross Napier with Phil Lynch third, Roy Napier fourth and John Payne fifth. Lynch was suffering from pulled muscles in his arms, an injury incurred at Pembrey, so took just the one class run and he was planning on doing the same in the run-off. The final Classic class saw just one runner and Paul Ellis had an enjoyable day thrashing round in his MG Midget.


Roy Napier didn’t take his first run so as to preserve the ‘melting’ rubber for son Ross and when Jonathan Toulmin’s Marengo developed a fuel leak he had to retire without leaving the paddock. Tony Ellis was surprised to have qualified but as the temperature soared grip was at a premium and he was just a tad slower on both his runs when compared to his best Q-time. Martin Webb was delighted to have qualified and made the most of it setting a PB. John Payne had taken all three class runs but was still slightly slower than in qualifying again due to the heat. When Roy Napier took his second run he tried a tad too hard at Peel, rotated and ‘lost the engine’ so it was Nil Points. Phil Lynch had planned just one run but a spin not only aggravated the injury but meant a second run was needed to secure some points; a steady run nearly two seconds slower than his Q-time netted him yet another seventh place finish – it’s getting to be a habit! Steve Miles now had his best wheels and slicks fitted so it was no surprise when he made a two second improvement on his Q-time which saw him move up to sixth. Glyn Sketchley’s first run was a couple of tenths quicker than his Q-time and he was certainly on a charge when a quick spin on the second lap saw him tour home. Never-the-less fifth was a very praise-worthy result. Steve Broughton in the ‘new’ slippery SBD-OMS put in two runs below his Q-time but would remain fourth fastest. Mark Smith was really fired up and his first run was a PB and had him up to second. On his second effort all looked good until he arrived at the Hairpin when a 180 degree spin brought him to a halt. The Welshman motored back into the pit lane abandoning the run. Ross Napier’s first run placed him in third but he pulled out all the stops with a PB to move ahead of Mark Smith into second spot. With the NME engine now running cleanly Nick Algar was determined to reset the outright record. His first run left him safely in the lead and less than two tenths shy of the record. His second was quicker but only just and he ended up a meagre 0.09 shy of the required mark.

With carnage on an unprecedented scale Anglesey had proved not only to be one of the best tracks on the calendar but one of the toughest. I wonder how many of the broken cars will be fixed in time for Kirkistown in three weeks or will they aim to be up and running again at Kames in seven weeks?


1 Nick Algar 93.27 secs; 2 Ross Napier 97.52 secs; 3 Mark Smith 98.11 secs; 4 Steve Broughton 100.19 secs; 5 Glyn Sketchley 103.33 secs; 6 Steve Miles 103.82 secs; 7 Phil Lynch 104.39 secs; 8 John Payne (3.2 Ralt-Judd RT37) 105.90 secs; 9 Martin Webb (2.0 Formula Vauxhall Lotus) 109.06secs; 10 Tony Ellis (2.0 Megapin-Duratec 31-07) 109.94 secs; No other finishers.

Class Winners: Glynn Thomas 143.74 secs; Fred Currell 129.90 secs; Rob Wakelin 122.09 secs; David Ormerod Snr (1.8 Lotus Elise) 131.75 secs; Jim Spencer (1.6 Sylva Striker Toyota) 122.699 secs; Martin Depper 123.13 secs; John Moxham 130.75 secs; Mark Maltby 123.34 secs; Andy Dunbar 114.49 secs; Peter Kukanis (2.2 Westfield SE PK) 114.14 secs; Simon Klemow (1.4 Radical Clubsport) 113.06 secs; Paul Masters 101.78 secs – Record; Derek Martlew 117.77 secs; Glyn Sketchley 103.53 secs; Mark Smith 99.35 secs; Nick Algar 93.80 secs; Paul Ellis MG Midget 140.14 secs.