Round 11 2014 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Knockhill-20th July 2014

Commonwealth Games fever?

Organised by Knockhill Motor Sports Club

by Paul Parker

With the customary clockwise format in use, the weather had to be better, and it was. Practice showed most runners very much on the pace. There were just a couple of minor incidents and one time failed to be captured by the timekeepers. Nonetheless top of the pile was Heather Calder, who knew this weekend had to work for her as work commitments were threatening her appearance in Northern Ireland a trip offshore possibly interfering with her season. The "flying lap" time equated to a new outright lap record for the circuit, more than a second quicker than she had achieved in 2013.

During the timed runs Terry Holmes failed to finish on his opener, but ensured he put in a banker as his sole qualifier. Two runners failed to take a 2nd timed run. Heather Calder, who on her sole run set a new outright Sprint record for the Knockhill clockwise course, a time which remained outright the fastest for the day. Her father, on his 2nd run had a small part of the floor detach, so some repair work was required before the Run Off, and Heather was able to rest on her laurels. Tony Jarvis didn't take a 2nd run his back aching. Again close to "qualification" was younger sister Louise, just a few tenths away. Despite no 2nd run Tony Jarvis did enough to get back into the Top 12 again, after 2 weekends away with the engine undergoing some repair work. Jim Belt really was enjoying a trouble free weekend, being the fastest of the Sports Libre fraternity, and the only one of them to qualify. Martin Webb qualified having sunk into the double digit times. Mike Musson also qualified feeling he at last is getting the hang of his car, after all the woes he inherited with it (duff differential set up, flexible front wing and unsupportive nose box) now behind him. Both Terry Holmes & Graham Porrett qualified in times not too far distant from one another. Then ahead of them came Smiles and Craig Sampson, about a second apart. Ahead of them was John Graham, who made a discovery over the weekend. A speed trap was put on the cars on the start/finish line. At that point both his and Heather Calder's speeds were pretty much identical. However Heather just kept accelerating under the bridge to the Duffus braking zone whereas poor John had by then run out of gears and was flat in top (or at least the "top" he had). Mark Smith qualified third overall, with a time which was to become a new 2 litre Sprint record for the format. Finally 2nd qualifier was Colin Calder, after which floor repairs were immediately undertaken before the Run Off.

Top 12 Run Off

Tony Jarvis, on his opener, improved on his qualifying time, but spun on his 2nd run at the hairpin, returning the "scenic route" under the marshals instructions. Unfortunately co-driver Martin Webb also had an incident on his 2nd run and, although his "banker" was a little slower than his best qualifier, he was able to overcome Jarvis' time. Jim Belt took his customary sole Run Off run, but made it count with a new Sports Libre lap record for the format. Graham Porrett put in a safe banker but found a couple of seconds over his best qualifier to be next. Smiles "banker" turned out to be the one to count as he finished a second clear of Porrett. Craig Sampson, who was to miss the next weekend of events, and finished comfortably clear of Smiles' best. Only a few tenths better was his co-driver Mark Smith, on his sole counting run as he investigated the kitty litter on his 2nd. Finding time on each run all through the day Mike Musson overcame Mark smith's best by half a second. But finishing just ahead of him (by hundredths) was Terry Holmes. John Graham found two and a half seconds from somewhere to finish up in 3rd spot again. Colin Calder opened with a time a few hundredths slower than daughter Heather's best of the day, something Heather was unable to match on her opener. However the time he was given on his 2nd run I think was taken from Grimms Fairy Tales. However the car picked up a stone in its radiator duct, so Heather was unable to take her second.

So Colin Calder has not yet retained his SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship but......


1 Colin Calder3.5 Gould GR5588.16secs
2 Heather Calder3.5 Gould GR5589.16secs
3John Graham2.8 Gould GR5592.34secs
4Terry Holmes3.5 Lola Tegra Judd94.26secs
5Mike Musson4.0 Pilbeam-Judd KV4 MP9794.28secs
6 Mark Smith2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH294.79secs
7Craig Sampson2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH294.91secs
8Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen RF96mm1395.85secs
9Graham Porrett3.5 Lola Tegra Judd96.88secs
10Jim Belt3.0 Juno Jaguar99.48secs
11Martin Webb2.0 Dallara Vauxhall F399/00100.44secs
12Tony Jarvis2.0 Dallara Vauxhall F399/00100.48secs