Round 10 2011 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Anglesey-12 June 2011

Calder gets the one he wanted

Organised by Chester Motor Club

by Paul Parker

Then came Sunday, and on to the National course, and that aside what a contrast with a grey start turning very soon to steady drizzle which became ever so slightly worse as the day progressed making the track pretty treacherous. There was one common and widespread thread through the British Sprint Championship folk which was “when was the last time we had a wet event?” and it was so long ago nobody could reliably remember and those strange tyres with pretty patterns emerged!

There were far fewer “takers” for the additional run on offer after the 2nd timed run understandably because many were, by then, only ready to dry out somewhere. Personally I blamed the Track Manager who entered a very pretty Clan Crusader for Sunday’s event and I told him so!

Another raft of sole-occupancy classes abounded and David Drucker took the opener which was the Standard Cars class in his 1400cc VW Polo, James Kerr the 2000cc Roadgoing Saloons, Nigel Watkins the unlimited Sports Cars from the same category. Then there came the 1700 Specialists and the Spencer family battle resumed and a reversal of Saturday’s result resulted with Jim overcoming David this time.

Into ModProds and the 2000 saloon class saw a shared Rover 216Gti battle with Stuart Tranter coming out on top from co-driver Colin Price and Saturday’s victor Deniol Jones who were closely matched. In the unlimited saloon cars (?) Gordon Peters reappeared in his Nissan 350ZGT alone, David Ormerod jnr again winning the 2000 Sports Cars, beating father and Sarah Bosworth in that order, David Williams was again alone in the Specialist split.

Angus Buchan & Andy Laurence resumed battle in the 1700 Sports Libre split with the same result (this time Angus winning more comfortably, with Andy on wets for the first time). In the unlimited class Simon Bainbridge took advantage of his 4WD to take the Sunday win over Jim Belt, these two overcoming comfortably a close run mini war between Paul Bond in his Crossle 9S and Derek Martlew’s SC 79 Sports 2000. Glyn won the Thomas family battle in the 1100 racing cars, this time more closely fought; Geoff Ward was again the sole FF1600 runner.

Victor in the 2000 Racing Cars was Colin Birkbeck but given the amount or rain he’s accustomed to where he lives that wasn’t wholly surprising, he fought off John Payne who was having a very on-form day. A little way back were again Phil Lynch and Steve Miles the latter beating the former by only a couple of tenths. The SBD pairing was having further concerns about the suspension and did just sufficient to qualify. In the unlimited class Colin Calder was a man on a mission and took the win, from Stewart Robb, Terry Holmes & Ross Napier with Heather Calder, not far back from these three, having her own little battle with Graham Porrett.

Track Manager, Richard Peacock, benefited from just the teensiest benefit of track and condition knowledge in his very pretty Clan Crusader to beat Phil Prince’s Elan in the pre-’73 roadgoing class. Malcolm Evans ran alone in the pre-’73 Racing car class.

Top 12 Run Off

The Top 12 saw the rain continue during the first run but it subsided for the second runs, but the track was so wet, this made little difference and conditions didn’t improve as a result. As Top 12 time approached Heather Calder was in two minds whether or not to take part as she was feeling a very poorly bunny (and she really didn’t recover until some 24 hours or so later). Her opener was very much slower than her best timed run but she did manage to discover three quarters of a second in her second run as conditions improved. Graham Porrett also posted a slower opener than his timed runs but found an improvement at the second time of asking to reverse the margin the Thurso lady held over him in the timed runs (three tenths). Phil Lynch’s Top 12 times were more than a couple of seconds better than his timed runs best so his 10th place finish must have been disappointing, even though it was very tight? Steve Broughton concentrated on a solid opener some distance better than his timed runs but, after pointing everywhere than that which he needed to in the complex didn’t complete his 2nd run. Steve Miles also found a couple of seconds on his opener but had a series of incidents scattered around the track and followed the sponsor’s example (only to be told he was only 2/10ths slower on his second run split, which amazed him). John Payne was only a few tenths off his timed run best, but didn’t complete his 2nd run, which still left him with his best result of the season so far. Ross Napier opened with a solid time just shy of his timed run best but then improved to a time 2 seconds better than he’d achieved all day. Mark Smith’s first run split looked highly impressive, until he managed to spin at the hairpin just before the finish which ruined the whole thing. On his second run he achieved some degree of justice with a far better time. Colin Birkbeck continued his impressive day’s performance with two times in the 117s just a couple of tenths apart to take 4th. Terry Holmes opened in the 118s and then found more than a second and a half to just squeak past Birkbeck,,,,and another smile was forthcoming! Stewart Robb opened up with his best time, which he could improve upon but Colin Calder was determined, more than ever to win this one, as it was an emotional day for him it being 3 years ago that he had to cancel his entry for Anglesey as his father in law had died. He dedicated his win to Peter Swanson in a highly charged tribute.


1. Colin Calder (4.0 Gould-Judd GR37) 113.37 2. Stewart Robb (4.0 Pilbeam-Judd MP88) 115.70 3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola-Judd T90/50) 117.23 4. Colin Birkbeck (2.0 Dallara-Vauxhall F301) 117.45 5. Mark Smith (2.0 SBD Reynard-Duratec DB Mk 1) 120.18 6. Ross Napier (3.5 Gould-DFR GR37) 120.87 7. John Payne (2.0 Dallara-Vauxhall F301) 121.03 8. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen-Duratec RF96) 121.42 9. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Reynard-Duratec DB Mk 1) 122.22 10. Phil Lynch (2.0 Dallara-Vauxhall F301) 122.27 11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola-Judd T90/50) 123.64 12. Heather Calder (4.0 Gould-Judd GR37) 123.94

Class results; David Drucker (1.4 VW Polo) 177.94; James Kerr (2.0 Peugeot 205 GTi) 146.64; Nigel Watkins (3.6 Porsche 911) 146.75; Jim Spencer (1.6 Sylva Striker) 148.04; Stuart Tranter (1.6 Rover 216 GTi) 140.75; Gordon Peters (Nissan 350ZGT) 146.00; David Ormerod Jnr (2.0 Lotus Elise) 145.26; David Williams (2.0 Westfield Se) 186.66; Angus Buchan (1.4 Radical Clubsport) 132.88; Simon Bainbridge (4.2 Audi TT V8) 126.37; Glyn Thomas (1.1 Delta IR4) 136.71; Geoff Ward (1.6 Swift SC93F) 148.77; Colin Birkbeck 120.03; Colin Calder 116.78; Richard Peacock (Clan Crusader) 155.95; Malcolm Evans (1.7 CTG003) 151.89.